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NWI Networks
NWI Networks provides New England businesses with a fast, reliable, and secure web hosting and colocation center. Its state-of-the-art facility located in Newington, Connecticut was designed for 100% uptime with N+1 heavily implemented throughout the center.

NWI Networks offers shared web hosting, application hosting, server colocation, dedicated servers, load balancing, high-speed Internet access, and outside disaster recovery services, at affordable prices. Our highly trained and dedicated staff is always one step ahead and ready with state-of-the-art equipment. NWI Networks’ team provides 24/7 onsite management and maintenance to ensure all Internet and network traffic gets to its destination promptly and securely.

When taking your business online, creating a website is only half the equation. Hosting your website can find you unprepared to deal with round-the-clock operations and the expense of setting up a firewall, and struggling with a lack of Internet expertise. NWI Networks relieves these dilemmas by giving your site a home within the New Wave Industries headquarters. Bringing you the very latest technology in web hosting and co-location services, NWI Networks’ state-of-the-art fleet of servers gives you a guaranteed power system and high-speed direct Internet connections. NWI Networks operates your website 24 hours a day, seven days a week, performs scheduled backups and monitors performance.

NWI Networks offers the following solutions:


  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Streaming & Dedicated Streaming Hosting
  • Server Colocation
  • Application Hosting
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Online Data Backup and Recovery

NWI Networks offers you the latest technology, including:

  • All fiber optic connections
  • All digital modems
  • DS-3 Internet bandwidth with multiple T-1 and T-3 backups
  • US Robotics Enterprise Network Hub
  • System with Digital x2 56K modems and Cisco/Ascend Chassis with Rockwell K56 flex technology.
  • Cisco/HP switches and routers

New Wave Industries' new, spacious facility allows NWI Networks to provide you with even more bandwidth and alternate location sites in case of an emergency. With NWI Networks, you can take full advantage of Internet potential, without having to become an Internet expert.


NWI Studios
www.nwistudios.comNew Wave Industries Connecticut Web Design

NWI Studios, a division of New Wave Industries, Inc., offers audio/video production and editing services, green screen production, studio rentals, and voice-over production. Our studio is equipped with a 26 ft wide green screen stage and voice-over studio. NWI Studios is used for video and web production, commercials, music videos, kiosk development, pod-cast development, touch screen station, and other web based multi-media applications.


  • 26 ft. Green Screen Studio
  • Recording Studio
  • Voice-Over Booth
  • Digital Editing Suite
  • Makeup/Changing Room
  • Teleprompter



  • Commercials
  • Podcasts
  • Promo CDs
  • Webisodes
  • Walk on Videos
  • Virtual Sets
  • Music Videos
  • Touch Screen Kiosks
  • Animation


Hourly, ½ and Full Day Rates
Equipment Rentals
Staffed or Unstaffed

Call or email for a rate sheet: (860) 953.9283 or

What’s a Green Screen? - Our green screen is a 26 ft. wide background and stage that a subject stands in front of during video production and the background is later replaced with another background in post production. This technology has become vital to the web, video, television and movie industry. This same technology is used for a lot of your favorite large production action films as well as local weather and news sets.



PIT Industries: Technology To-Go
New Wave Industries, Inc. - Connecticut Web Site DesignIf you think technology requires a computer and a desk, think again. Your business can hit the road with revolutionary options from New Wave's PIT Industries division. PIT (Public Interactive Terminals) Industries brings multimedia programs to today's most innovative new vehicle for technology: the kiosk.

PIT Industries produces kiosk encasements, develops specified software for them and creates all of the graphics needed. These attractive, engaging, informative and entertaining touch-screen kiosks can be easily controlled, updated, and adapted to your environment and your needs. We also handle the integration of credit cards, cash or gaming cards for your business's kiosk.

Capable of providing Internet access, PIT kiosks can allow users to retrieve mail or surf their favorite sites when away from home or office via cash, credit or loyalty cards. From a restaurant to a mall to an airport, these revolutionary touch-screen kiosks are tailored to promote your business and offer Internet access in any location. Through custom kiosk and POS design-software development, remote Internet access, audio, video and coupon printing, kiosks from PIT Industries reach your customers in a whole new way.