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Copy Writing

Marketing > Copy Writing

The copy on your website can make or break your business and is far too important to be handled by amateurs. Stale or unappealing content will drive away your existing visitors and won’t attract new ones. Our professional copywriting team at New Wave Industries can create original, compelling, well researched content for your website that is appealing to your readers and search engines. New Wave Industries offers our clients results-oriented copywriting at reasonable rates.

We can write content to help your website:

  • Capture visitor attention
  • Stimulate visitor interest
  • Establish trust
  • Be considered an "authority" site in your field


Copy Writing for Web    
Having outdated or unappealing content on your site can have a negative effect on visitors Our professional copywriting service will create content for your website that will capture visitor’s attention, establish trust and hit emotional triggers that lead to higher sales and relationship building.

SEO Copywriting Services
Having top search engine rankings for targeted search terms is vital to any online business. Our experienced SEO copywriters are able to skillfully embed targeted search terms with appropriate density into your website’s content, improving your search engine ranking for your targeted keywords. We seamlessly fold keyword phrases into content that flows smoothly for the reader. Quality SEO copywriting is invisible to your site visitors.
Press Release Writing
A carefully and professionally written press release is a very effective way to promote new products or services on your website.

Just about anyone can write a Press Release but the trick is to have your Press Release catch the attention of news editors so that it is picked up and distributed. How do you ensure that that happens? By doing what we specialize in- creating content that is both interesting and newsworthy. The Copy Writing team at New Wave Industries is skilled at positioning your Press Release as “newsworthy” and using a strong opening hook to draw readers (and editors) in.