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Responsive web design responds to the screen size of the device (desktop, tablet, or mobile phone) that you are viewing it on. So instead of creating different websites for different devices, your responsive website re-arranges the elements to fit any screen. This design and development approach is based on providing the user with the best experience possible by allowing them to use any device or orientation and still be able to easily view and use your website.  This technology will respond to a user’s preferences and eliminate having to separately create websites for the various devices that are out there.

Google will begin rolling out a major mobile search engine update that will focus on the mobile-friendliness of sites. If you didn’t know, there are currently more searches being done on mobile devices than traditional ones, and with this update, websites that have mobile compatibility will be awarded higher rankings in mobile search results than those sites without. Here at New Wave Industries we have extensive knowledge in converting traditional websites into responsive design. We are able to convert some sites in as little as 5 business days with NO downtime. There have always been advantages to having your site mobile friendly but consider this update the reason to make the change.

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